We are open! (With a few changes to how we operate…)

This is now outdated please see the session page for up-to date information.

Having been closed to the public for all except key worker repairs since March, we are now opening our door once again for repairs by appointment. Things will feel quite different to the Pedallers’ that we are used to (by the way, it was our tenth birthday earlier this month!).

Even with the government new national restrictions being introduced on the 5th of November we will remain open as bikes are an essential form of transport and so servicing them is still permitted.

If you just need to purchase a spare part or want to buy accessories e.g. lights or a lock then you can but we will not be available to give you advice, you will not be admitted to the workshop and you will not be able to use tools from the workshop.

You can find out more about booking a drop-in session where you can access our booking system

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