DIY repair Sessions

We are not currently open to the public.
Our doors are closed to protect public health.

Update 6th October 2020:
We’re still not open to the public yet – it’s taken a bit longer than intended for a few different reasons – but we’re nearly there! We’ve got our new procedures ready to go and will be spending a few weeks trialling them before, if all goes well, opening around mid-November.
Visits will be by appointment only, and to safely manage capacity they will only be available for repairs that are necessary to keep your main bike riding safely.

Along with this we will shortly be opening our door for purchases of parts and spares to take away.  We will have a very limited capacity to give advice, and will not be able to loan you tools under any circumstances.

When we are open for appointments,
details of how to book will be shown on this page.

Once available, please use the link provided to book.

(If you call or visit, we will only be operating the same online booking form on your behalf)

We are not a Bike Shop: we don’t fix bikes for you. What we do is teach people to work on their own bikes. Many people already know how to work on bikes, that’s fine too, we’re here if you need us but we’ll leave you alone if you don’t. We try to be hands-off with bike repair so that you have the space and time to learn at your own pace but if you have any questions then ask and we’ll do our best to help.

Re-opening during Covid-19 pandemic

What you need to know and what to expect:

  • Please don’t be early – there is no space for you to wait inside, even during bad weather! Please ensure you remain 2 metres away from anyone else outside the workshop
  • You must wear a mask in the workshop. Please bring a mask or face covering with you. We have a limited stock of disposable masks you can use.
  • Please let us know by email (or use the cancel and reschedule links in your confirmation email) if you are unable to make your appointment for whatever reason.
  • You will receive a text message reminder 6 hours before your appointment. Cancellations for any reason in the hour following this reminder (or prior to it) will not incur any charge or penalty.
  • No shows – if you do not turn up, and you have not let us know this by email, any further sessions you book in the next 2 months will be cancelled by us.
  • You may only bring another person with you if they are required to help you fix your bike, they should stay in the working space with you. No more than 1 additional visitor with you. Additional people cannot join your session with their own bike problems!
    • Let us know if you need to bring another person
    • There is no waiting area available for guests who come with you.
  • Do not bring food to the workshop.
  • Critical & Urgent repairs
    • Please remember there is a high demand for the workshop – At present we are only able to accommodate critical/urgent repairs. Please only book multiple sessions if it’s essential. We expect most critical repairs can be done with the 1h45 session.
    • Example of critical/urgent repairs:
      • repairing or replacing tyres, tubes, wheels and related components
      • adjusting, repairing or replacing braking system components
      • adjusting, repairing or replacing transmission system components (e.g. your gear mechanism or chain)
      • repairing or replacing other essential parts that prevent the bike from being used safely
    • Example of work we cannot accommodate:
      • Servicing hydraulic disc brakes, suspension systems, or electrical components
      • Upgrading parts which already work safely
      • Cosmetic changes to the bike
      • We’re offering this for people’s main bike, that they use to get around for whatever reason (commuting, shopping, leisure) not for second bikes or project bikes.
  • Cash or bank transfer only. If possible, please bring cash in the denominations you intend to spend.
  • Please only book once per month unless essential.
  • As part of booking, we will collect information for Track & Trace, which may be handed to government agencies, if required in the event of an outbreak.

General session info

A typical drop-in

We will provide you with a set of the most common tools to use, such as spanners, pliers, allen keys e.t.c.

If you need other tools then we have a large tool board you can use, all you need to do is ask.  If you have any problem then always feel free to ask for help.  We will try to show you how the tools work and together make your bike work better.

We will not be able to approach or handle your bike for you once you have started working, we can demonstrate or explain, but we will not step into your working area for everybody’s safety.

P1070477-Tools and Parts

We have truing stands, cassette and freewheel removers, bottom bracket tools, chain tools, chain wear indicators, headset spanners, crown race remover, derailleur alignment tool, bottom bracket taps and facing tool. We don’t have headtube facing or reaming tools or tools for more specialised high-end bikes.

We stock lots of second-hand parts: gear shifters, brake levers, headsets, wheels, cranks, derailleurs, mud guards, pedals, tyres e.t.c. We also have new parts such as brake pads, cables, freewheels, chains, nuts and bolts, bearings, tyres e.t.c.

Cost of using Pedallers’ Arms

As of 2016 our charges are:
£2 – £10 for drop in use
£15 – 40 for a year’s membership

We want to be affordable to everyone, but we do need some cash to pay our rent, utilities, insurance, replacement of tools and general upkeep of the workshop. Your membership or donation also covers oils, grease, cleaning fluids and so on. We are volunteers and we don’t get paid, we just enjoy it and want to help other people who ride bikes.

You can become a member of the Pedallers’ Arms which gives you access to the space, tools, books and our support and guidance. Membership costs between £15 and £40 a year depending on how much you think you can afford. We know that some people would prefer to be told exactly how much to pay, but we’re asking that you think about what access to Pedallers’ is worth to you and what you can afford to pay.

Someone might use the workshop on a weekly basis and they feel that they can afford to pay £15 a year. That’s fine with us. Someone else might use it just as regularly but feels that they can afford to pay £30 a year. Also fine with us. Someone else might not actually come that often but wants to support what we’re doing and chooses to pay £40 a year for membership. Also fine. We’re not going to question you about your circumstances!

Per session
If you don’t want to sign up for a year’s membership then we ask that you make a donation of between £2 and £10 each time you visit the workshop. Give what you think it was worth – how much money do you have, how much time did you spend here, how many tools did you use, how much guidance did you get, how useful was it, and so on.

If you’re not able to become a member or make a donation then we are still happy for you to use the workshop and tools, and to get help and guidance.

We were on Dissident Island radio show in Nov 2011, listen to the section here:

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  2. mally says:

    hi just found this awesome place called pedallers arms am an im pleased to see a group of people out there who like t give a lil bit of time an effort to help people like me who love to ride an break there bike but havent got a clue how to fix it or the right tools to do the job .not used ur shed or services but will be spreading the word :+)) x

  3. Jay says:

    Fixed up my bike here and bought some second hand parts for real cheap great place really nice people any questions they got the answers experienced and I cannot believe how good your doing to say it’s all volunteer work 🙂

  4. Lucy says:

    Hi. I wondered if you had any cheap bikes for sale? I’d really like a bike to cycle to work on as I only work 8 hours a week and I’m spending most of my wages on getting to work. Lucy

  5. Dom says:

    What a cool idea! I need to replace my rear brake pads but am struggling a bit so may well pop in.

  6. mark leeming says:

    A great place and fantastic people, If you need a hand or a wee bit of advice they are happy to help.

  7. Nolan strafford says:

    How much is it for drop in sessions.

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