Update on re-opening

This is now outdated please see the session page for up-to date information.

We’re still not open to the public yet – it’s taken a bit longer than intended for a few different reasons – but we’re nearly there! We’ve got our new procedures ready to go and will be spending a few weeks trialling them before, if all goes well, opening around mid-November.

Visits will be by appointment only, and to safely manage capacity they will only be available for repairs that are necessary to keep your main bike riding safely. We will announce more details and the link for online booking in a few weeks.

We will be rolling over membership to next year for everyone who’s paid up for 2020 – though of course we’d welcome anyone willing/able to support us by paying their 2021 membership.

As of now we are no longer offering separate key worker repairs, as this was a stop-gap whilst we were unable to re-open.

Thanks for your patience and support, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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