As of September 2022 our charges are:
£3 – £15 for drop in use
£25 – £60 for a year’s membership
New memberships will be valid until end of December 2023

We want to be affordable to everyone, but we do need some cash to pay our rent, utilities, insurance, replacement of tools and general upkeep of the workshop. Your membership or contribution also covers oils, grease, cleaning fluids and so on. We are volunteers and we don’t get paid, we just enjoy it and want to help other people who ride bikes.

You can become a member of the Pedallers’ Arms which gives you access to the space, tools, books and our support and guidance. We know that some people would prefer to be told exactly how much to pay, but we’re asking that you think about what access to Pedallers’ is worth to you and what you can afford to pay.

Someone might use the workshop on a weekly basis and they feel that they can afford to pay £25 a year. That’s fine with us. Someone else might use it just as regularly but feels that they can afford to pay £60 a year. Also fine with us. We’re not going to question you about your circumstances!

Membership does not entitle you to store the bike that you are working on at our workshop between sessions; storage is at our discretion and is dependent on a variety of factors.

How to join / renew your membership

To join as a member or to renew your membership, please come to the counter next time you’re in the workshop and bring cash (we don’t have a card machine). Or if you prefer, you can make a bank transfer to us, send us an email to let us know you would like to join/ renew, and then collect your membership card next time you are in.

Our bank details are:

Account name: Leeds Bicycle Co-operative
a/c: 20247403
s/c: 60-83-01

Per session
If you don’t want to sign up for a year’s membership then we ask that you make a contribution of between £3 and £15 each time you visit the workshop. Give what you think it was worth – how much money do you have, how much time did you spend here, how many tools did you use, how much guidance did you get, how useful was it, and so on.

If you’re not able to become a member or make a per-session contribution then we are still happy for you to use the workshop and tools, and to get help and guidance.