We are open!

Click here to view our calendar and check when we’re open.

Our drop-in workshop is open on Mondays and Thursdays 4 – 8pm. Know what you’re doing and just need access to a stand and tools? Have a problem with your bike but no idea where to start? Just want to buy some parts? We’re open for you! Drop by and we’ll aim to give you as much guidance as you need so that you can repair your bike.

See the session page for more details.

We’re also open on Sundays 12 – 4pm. We ask that you make an appointment if you wish to visit on a Sunday.

Thanks for your support!

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Closed June 8th

Sadly we are going to be closed this Thursday as too many mechanics have other commitments. If anyone is interested in volunteering it would be very helpful, even if you don’t have lots of bike mechanic knowledge doing basic jobs and managing the flow is also appreciated.

On a more positive note we have been really busy recently, thanks to everyone who has come down. Here is an example of how busy we’ve been

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Closed Thu 2nd Feb

Sadly a few different Pedallers’ mechanics are away on Thu 2nd of Feb so we won’t be able to open. Sorry! If the salt and grit on the road means your bike needs some mechanical love we are open Mon 30th of Jan to drop-ins and all following Thursdays, just not the 2nd. Our Sunday sessions require advanced booking.

P.S. my excuse is that Feb 2nd is my eldest’s Birthday, start them young and ideally without stabilisers:

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Summer closing

We will be closed for a summer break from July 25th – Sep 8th inclusively. This gives our volunteers mechanics a rest, a chance to go cycle touring or give our chapped, oily hands much needed moisturiser.

We normally have appointments and drop-ins, except on Sun where there are no drop-ins, so our summer closing will be a bit different this year. If a few mechanic miss helping out over the summer we might have a few shifts where we open but they will be much more infrequent.

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Pedallers’ on East Leeds FM

Think Global Act Local #8 – Photo by Rachael Unsworth

East Leeds FM have a program Think Global Act Local looking at sustainability and innovation during the climate crisis. They recently came to Pedallers’ Arms to see / hear how we do things. Our section is 22 mins into the program but the rest of the program is also very interesting, thank you East Leeds FM!

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Break-In at Pedallers!

In the early hours of Monday morning two unidentified people broke through the big red door at the front of Pedallers’ Arms. They also broke into our storeroom at the back.

A kind soul working at KD Brothers (the garage nearby) alerted the police who informed us of the situation.

The thieves got away with the cash on premises and our drill. Fortunately they didn’t steal any of our tools or stock as far as we are aware.

One of our number got out of bed at 6AM (while theoretically on holiday) to attend the scene. They spoke to the police officers on site, secured the building and bought and fitted a new safe.

Later that same day two of our number stayed late to reinforce the door in an effort to make it harder to break in in the future.

Security improvements are as of now an ongoing concern and many of us are now devoting large amounts of time to this task.

We will continue operating as normal, teaching you how to fix your bike, offering advice and help where needed and selling parts and accessories at the lowest price we can.

The estimated cost of this to us is £1-2k. The bulk of this cost is actually due to the damage caused and includes:

  • Cash
  • New drill
  • Emergency boarding (arranged by police, billed to us)
  • New safe
  • New locks
  • Various security upgrades
  • Etc

There is also for many of us a large emotional cost in having yet another fire to put out.

Any donations at this time or in the future are always welcome and appreciated, no matter how small. If you can’t afford to give us anything that’s fine, we will do our best to help you regardless.

With love,

Pedallers’ Arms.

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(Outdated) Limited return to drop-ins

Our pink tool boardThis is now outdated please see the session page for up-to date information.

The main update is that we are now open for drop-ins on Mondays and Thursdays (not Sundays)! However this is subject to space in the workshop so if you want to guarantee a spot then you’re best off booking an appointment. If you want to just swing by and try your luck then that’s fine by us, just be prepared for us to turn you away if it’s too busy. We’d still require a wear a face covering when in the workshop, thanks.

  • We’re open Monday 4 – 8pm, Thursday 4 – 8pm and Sunday 12 – 4pm.
  • We are still operating a booking system to guarantee entry to the workshop we suggest you book an appointment. Click here to visit our Sessions page, read the information and follow the link to book.
  • Drop-ins are now also welcome on Mondays and Thursdays (not Sundays) but are subject to space in the workshop. If we’re at capacity you might be turned away. Click here to check our calendar or ring us if you are coming without an appointment.
  • If you are just buying parts (no tools) then you are welcome any day we are open.
  • We are not in the workshop outside of the hours above so the phone be answered. You can send us a message or email.
  • We ask visitors to wear a face covering that covers both your nose and mouth (unless exempt).
  • We don’t have a card machine; bank transfer from your phone or cash only please. You can find out more about membership and session donations on our Membership page.
  • We don’t have space to store bikes any more so leave yourself time for bigger jobs.
  • A reminder that we are all volunteers!
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(Outdated) December 2021 update

This is now outdated please see the session page for up-to date information.


A few updates for you:

Photo of the entrance to the Pedallers' Arms workshop. There is a banner with the logo mounted on a brick building above red doors. Banner has pink logo on white background. There is a step ladder on the ground.
  1. We continue to be open. At the moment this is usually Monday 4 – 8, Thursday 4 – 8 and Sunday 12 – 4. Please visit our Booking a session page for more information and the link to book.
  2. We are all volunteers! We are not in the workshop outside of the hours stated above so don’t try and call us; there will be no one in to answer! You can send us a message or email.
  3. We will be closing over the festive period. Our final opening of 2021 will be Monday 20th December and we will re-open on Thursday 6th January 2022.
  4. We have lifted our ‘essential repairs only’ requirement. This means you are welcome to bring your bike in for general fettling/your second bike/your project bike etc.
  5. If you just want to buy parts and don’t need tools or extensive advice then you don’t need an appointment but we suggest you call up (during workshop hours) before you come down to check that we’re definitely open.
  6. We have increased the maximum number of people that can be in the workshop at any one time to a maximum of 4 people working on their bikes and a maximum of 4 mechanics/volunteers.
  7. In accordance with our risk assessment, we are still asking that visitors to the workshop wear a face covering that covers both your nose and mouth (unless exempt) and we encourage social distancing where practicable.
  8. A reminder that we don’t have a card machine; unless you are able to make a bank transfer on your phone and show us that you’ve done it, please try to bring cash. You can find out more about membership and session donations on our Membership page.
  9. A reminder that we have VERY limited storage for bikes. Please do not expect to be able to leave your bike in the workshop if you don’t manage to finish a job in one session. The same applies to those with membership. We simply don’t have the space, sorry.
  10. (Because let’s not leave it at 9.) We have some copies of the beautiful Boneshaker Bicycle Stories Volume 2 in stock! A 220-page limited edition book with foil-block embossed double-gatefold cover. Described as ‘a sideways look at cycling for bicycle lovers of all stripes, full of the passion, poetry and politics of life on two wheels’ this is an anthology of issues 11 – 20 and we are selling it by donation, PAYF.
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Closed for August

We’ll be taking a break for the month of August. At the time of writing, we still have appointments available for the rest of July which you can book here.

See you soon!

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Afternoon all,

As the lockdown eases, we will soon be re-assessing how we operate our sessions and increasing the number of slots available will be up for discussion.

In the meantime, we only have 12 appointments a week available. So please remember that we are only able to accommodate urgent or critical repairs to your main bike.

Is your bike unsafe (e.g. brakes not working/pads worn) or difficult to ride (e.g. gears slipping)? Or maybe a critical component has broken? Do you rely on the bike for getting around? Then go ahead and book an appointment.

If you have another bike that you can use, then please hold off until we are able to accommodate more people in the workshop, or pay a bike shop to repair your bike. Please consider that there may be people out there whose need is greater than yours.

Also, a reminder (as stated in the booking information) if you do not turn up, and have not cancelled 5 hours before the session then you won’t be able to book for 2 months.

Finally, please remember that we are all volunteers! 🙂

Happy cycling!

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