December 2021 update


A few updates for you:

Photo of the entrance to the Pedallers' Arms workshop. There is a banner with the logo mounted on a brick building above red doors. Banner has pink logo on white background. There is a step ladder on the ground.
  1. We continue to be open. At the moment this is usually Monday 4 – 8, Thursday 4 – 8 and Sunday 12 – 4. Please visit our Booking a session page for more information and the link to book.
  2. We are all volunteers! We are not in the workshop outside of the hours stated above so don’t try and call us; there will be no one in to answer! You can send us a message or email.
  3. We will be closing over the festive period. Our final opening of 2021 will be Monday 20th December and we will re-open on Thursday 6th January 2022.
  4. We have lifted our ‘essential repairs only’ requirement. This means you are welcome to bring your bike in for general fettling/your second bike/your project bike etc.
  5. If you just want to buy parts and don’t need tools or extensive advice then you don’t need an appointment but we suggest you call up (during workshop hours) before you come down to check that we’re definitely open.
  6. We have increased the maximum number of people that can be in the workshop at any one time to a maximum of 4 people working on their bikes and a maximum of 4 mechanics/volunteers.
  7. In accordance with our risk assessment, we are still asking that visitors to the workshop wear a face covering that covers both your nose and mouth (unless exempt) and we encourage social distancing where practicable.
  8. A reminder that we don’t have a card machine; unless you are able to make a bank transfer on your phone and show us that you’ve done it, please try to bring cash. You can find out more about membership and session donations on our Membership page.
  9. A reminder that we have VERY limited storage for bikes. Please do not expect to be able to leave your bike in the workshop if you don’t manage to finish a job in one session. The same applies to those with membership. We simply don’t have the space, sorry.
  10. (Because let’s not leave it at 9.) We have some copies of the beautiful Boneshaker Bicycle Stories Volume 2 in stock! A 220-page limited edition book with foil-block embossed double-gatefold cover. Described as ‘a sideways look at cycling for bicycle lovers of all stripes, full of the passion, poetry and politics of life on two wheels’ this is an anthology of issues 11 – 20 and we are selling it by donation, PAYF.
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January lockdown update

We remain open for essential bike repairs on Mondays and Thursdays, by appointment only. We will continue to prioritise the safety of the people in the workshop which means we won’t necessarily be offering the same learning opportunities that we aim to in normal times.

Depending on the nature of the repair and the level of skill and experience required to complete it to an acceptable (safe) standard, our volunteer mechanics may decide to make the necessary repairs to your bike themselves (with you watching and the mechanic explaining) rather than supporting you to carry out the work yourself.

We have shortened the appointment slots to 1 hour 30 minutes to allow time to ventilate the workshop in between bookings. All the other Covid measures we have had in place since we re-opened in autumn remain the same.

To book an appointment click here.

  • at present we are only able to accommodate critical/urgent repairs to a bike you rely on
  • maximum of two mechanics and two people with bikes to fix in the workshop at any one time
  • face coverings must be worn in the workshop
  • handwashing facilities provided in the workshop and hands must be washed on entry
  • two marked out work areas and social distancing required
  • nitrile gloves available
  • used tools put in a tub at the end of each appointment and disinfected
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Our pink tool board

The Pedallers’ Arms is a place in Leeds to come and learn how to repair your bike in a friendly atmosphere. We run regular drop-in sessions and other bike related events that are open to all. We are based on Mabgate Green.

Our regular opening hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 4 – 8pm (+ other events on the calender).
Although we survive entirely from your support we are very grateful for the funding that has helped get this project started.

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Closed for August

We’ll be taking a break for the month of August. At the time of writing, we still have appointments available for the rest of July which you can book here.

See you soon!

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Afternoon all,

As the lockdown eases, we will soon be re-assessing how we operate our sessions and increasing the number of slots available will be up for discussion.

In the meantime, we only have 12 appointments a week available. So please remember that we are only able to accommodate urgent or critical repairs to your main bike.

Is your bike unsafe (e.g. brakes not working/pads worn) or difficult to ride (e.g. gears slipping)? Or maybe a critical component has broken? Do you rely on the bike for getting around? Then go ahead and book an appointment.

If you have another bike that you can use, then please hold off until we are able to accommodate more people in the workshop, or pay a bike shop to repair your bike. Please consider that there may be people out there whose need is greater than yours.

Also, a reminder (as stated in the booking information) if you do not turn up, and have not cancelled 5 hours before the session then you won’t be able to book for 2 months.

Finally, please remember that we are all volunteers! 🙂

Happy cycling!

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We are open! (With a few changes to how we operate…)

Having been closed to the public for all except key worker repairs since March, we are now opening our door once again for repairs by appointment. Things will feel quite different to the Pedallers’ that we are used to (by the way, it was our tenth birthday earlier this month!).

Even with the government new national restrictions being introduced on the 5th of November we will remain open as bikes are an essential form of transport and so servicing them is still permitted.

If you just need to purchase a spare part or want to buy accessories e.g. lights or a lock then you can but we will not be available to give you advice, you will not be admitted to the workshop and you will not be able to use tools from the workshop.

You can find out more about booking a drop-in session where you can access our booking system

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Update on re-opening

We’re still not open to the public yet – it’s taken a bit longer than intended for a few different reasons – but we’re nearly there! We’ve got our new procedures ready to go and will be spending a few weeks trialing them before, if all goes well, opening around mid-November.

Visits will be by appointment only, and to safely manage capacity they will only be available for repairs that are necessary to keep your main bike riding safely. We will announce more details and the link for online booking in a few weeks.

We will be rolling over membership to next year for everyone who’s paid up for 2020 – though of course we’d welcome anyone willing/able to support us by paying their 2021 membership.

As of now we are no longer offering separate key worker repairs, as this was a stop-gap whilst we were unable to re-open.

Thanks for your patience and support, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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Pedallers with marked 2m zonesWe are working hard to get Pedallers’ Arms re-opened before September. To reduce the risk we are planning an appointment system to stop the workshop being overcrowded, as well as hand washing stations, screening the counter, and zoning the workshop to provide adequate space. We take our responsibilities regarding Covid very seriously & fixing your bike often takes much more time than shopping, for example, which is why our measures might seem more severe.

We are well aware that lots of people will be unable to use public transport so will be relying on their bikes more than usual so this is just keeping you updated that re-opening is a priority to us. We will let you know how things progress. Thanks for your support.

Pedallers’ Arms

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*Workshop Update*

Despite the recent relaxation of lockdown rules, the Pedallers’ Arms workshop remains closed. Helping people to fix their bikes is hard to do at a distance, and our drop ins were often very busy, so we will have to change how we operate to make it safe. We’re currently considering what procedures could allow us to run the workshop safely and will make an announcement when we’re able to open.

In them meantime we are continuing to offer repairs for key workers – see our previous post for more details about this. If you are a key worker and would like to make use of this, email and answer the questions in the automated reply. Take care and stay safe!

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Bike Repairs for Key Workers

Pedallers’ Arms is a volunteer-run community bike workshop located on Mabgate Green, just off Regent Street, Leeds.

We are currently closed to the public however as of Thursday 16th April we will be offering a by appointment-only bike repair service for key workers who are using (or would like to use) their bike to commute to work.

We are offering our labour and any second-hand parts required to complete the repair free of charge (donations appreciated). If new parts are required we will discuss this with you first. We will do what we can to repair your bike however some repairs may be beyond the scope of what we are offering (i.e. we can’t make any promises!).

To make an appointment, please email with the subject ‘Key worker repairs’ and provide your name, email address, a contact phone number and a brief description of the problem with your bike (please attach photos if this helps you to explain). It would also be helpful if you could give an indication of your availability. We will then email or call you to arrange an appointment.

We have safety protocols in place which we will explain in more detail when you make an appointment and on your arrival at the workshop. For those of you familiar with how we normally operate, what we are offering is of course very different to this. The mechanic will ask you to wait just inside the workshop entrance while they carry out the repairs to your bike.

Our workshop remains closed to the public so please do not come unless you have contacted us first to arrange an appointment.

Please note that we are not currently accepting donations of bikes, parts, or accessories. However, if you’re able to donate funds to help us to keep others rolling, we would be hugely appreciative.

You can make a bank transfer or set up a standing order:

Account name: Leeds Bicycle Co-operative
a/c: 20247403
s/c: 60-83-01

You can send us money with PayPal (Note that PayPal takes 3.4% + 20p so a bank transfer is better for us). Click here.

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Pedallers’ Arms – COVID-19 Closure

Dear Pedallers’ members, supporters and visitors,

In light of the escalating COVID-19 pandemic we have taken the difficult decision to close Pedallers’ Arms with immediate effect. Whilst we appreciate that bike transport is especially important at this time, we have weighed up the potential costs/benefits and decided that the most responsible thing to do is close.
We are obviously not medical experts but from the evidence available we understand that the most effective way to slow the spread of the virus is by ‘social distancing’ i.e. reducing contacts with other people, to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will reopen as soon as possible.

For the small number of people who have a bike currently stored at Pedallers, we will be in touch with you next week to arrange collection – or if you prefer you can leave it in the workshop until we reopen.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

We encourage everyone to stay safe, follow medical advice and look out for support groups which are popping up around Leeds.
For example:

If you have an questions you can email us at, however phone calls are unlikely to be answered.

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