Break-In at Pedallers!

In the early hours of Monday morning two unidentified people broke through the big red door at the front of Pedallers’ Arms. They also broke into our storeroom at the back.

A kind soul working at KD Brothers (the garage nearby) alerted the police who informed us of the situation.

The thieves got away with the cash on premises and our drill. Fortunately they didn’t steal any of our tools or stock as far as we are aware.

One of our number got out of bed at 6AM (while theoretically on holiday) to attend the scene. They spoke to the police officers on site, secured the building and bought and fitted a new safe.

Later that same day two of our number stayed late to reinforce the door in an effort to make it harder to break in in the future.

Security improvements are as of now an ongoing concern and many of us are now devoting large amounts of time to this task.

We will continue operating as normal, teaching you how to fix your bike, offering advice and help where needed and selling parts and accessories at the lowest price we can.

The estimated cost of this to us is £1-2k. The bulk of this cost is actually due to the damage caused and includes:

  • Cash
  • New drill
  • Emergency boarding (arranged by police, billed to us)
  • New safe
  • New locks
  • Various security upgrades
  • Etc

There is also for many of us a large emotional cost in having yet another fire to put out.

Any donations at this time or in the future are always welcome and appreciated, no matter how small. If you can’t afford to give us anything that’s fine, we will do our best to help you regardless.

With love,

Pedallers’ Arms.

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