Afternoon all,

As the lockdown eases, we will soon be re-assessing how we operate our sessions and increasing the number of slots available will be up for discussion.

In the meantime, we only have 12 appointments a week available. So please remember that we are only able to accommodate urgent or critical repairs to your main bike.

Is your bike unsafe (e.g. brakes not working/pads worn) or difficult to ride (e.g. gears slipping)? Or maybe a critical component has broken? Do you rely on the bike for getting around? Then go ahead and book an appointment.

If you have another bike that you can use, then please hold off until we are able to accommodate more people in the workshop, or pay a bike shop to repair your bike. Please consider that there may be people out there whose need is greater than yours.

Also, a reminder (as stated in the booking information) if you do not turn up, and have not cancelled 5 hours before the session then you won’t be able to book for 2 months.

Finally, please remember that we are all volunteers! 🙂

Happy cycling!

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