Saturday shifts…


UPDATE 06/06/14: So we won’t be opening every Saturday from now on. We will start sending an email near the beginning of each month with which one’s we are definitely going to be open on. You can also check our calendar on the right hand side; if there are initials next to a date we are open, if there are none we are not! We will keep this up to date and also put out messages about any extra Saturdays on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!

We added Saturdays to our regular opening hours nearly a year and a half ago now, because we wanted to be more accessible for people who struggled to come down on weekday evenings (because of childcare responsibilities, working night shifts etc). We enjoy Pedallers’ being open at the weekend and hope you do too, but we’re sorry to say that it has become a bit of a struggle staffing Saturday shifts and in the future it’s likely you’ll have to check the calendar before coming down on Saturdays. As you will be aware, we are all volunteers with lots of other commitments too and sometimes just need some rest!

But worry not, as we are not yet certain that we will have to reduce the Saturdays we’re open and if we do it will be exactly that, a reduction. We would still aim to be open a few Saturdays a month! This is just a heads up for now, more information to follow once we make a decision.

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