Bank Holiday Monday

We are going to be open this bank holiday Mon but a bit later than usual – 5pm start (instead of 4pm).

On a separate note: in the workshop on Sat we had a very stuck bottom bracket. There are a few things we like to try if they are stuck to help remove them:

  1. make sure you are loosing not tightening
  2. esp. on Italian frames (which are right-hand thread both sides)
  3. spray lube on everything
  4. make sure that the bottom bracket removal tool is firmly in place (ideally use a crank bolt to hold it in)
  5. use a breaker bar (a long extension to increase leverage)
  6. blow torch (bit of a last resort…)

We got to step 3. with a breaker bar and applied lots of force to one of our chunky spanners.  Creak, crack, snap:

Snapped Spanner

Solution: put the bottom bracket removal tool in a vice and rotate the bike.

Bottom bracket tool in the vice

The bottom bracket (in my hand) and the bottom bracket removal tool in the vice.

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