Sunday 20th Nov: Women and trans drop-in bike maintenance / BRAKES SPECIAL!

The clocks have gone back and it’s reet cold and wet. Extra important that your brakes are in good working order to see you through the wintery months.

The drop in session will be happening as normal from 12-5pm but this month we”ll be running an extra special session on fixing and maintaining your brakes. This will be happening at 1pm.

For women, trans, queers and anyone who’d prefer a non-macho environment in which to get greasy. Come and sort your brakes, patch your tube or just smell the lovely bikey smells. We’re not experts but we know a fair bit between us and we have tools, space, books and time for you. This will be a regular event, running on the 3rd Sunday of the month. If you’ve got ideas to make it work well, would like to volunteer with this or our weekday sessions please get in touch on
For more on women and bikes check out:

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2 Responses to Sunday 20th Nov: Women and trans drop-in bike maintenance / BRAKES SPECIAL!

  1. Gael says:

    I think I must be going/gone daft, cos I cycled down to this just before 1pm I think, up Hope Road, right onto Mabgate Green, along to the end to Bell St…up to the top, back down again, peered over the fence at the old stream that goes under the road, couldn’t see anybody, no bikes, no signage, all was very quiet…then gave up and went to the Farmers’ Market. Looked like I was in the right place according to the map on the website. I didn’t write down the number of the building cos I thought it would be easy enough to find.
    Am I daft?

  2. Pedaller's says:

    Hi Gael, sorry you didn’t spot us! There is a sign on the building but round to the side and the door was probably shut against the cold. On our weeknight sessions we put a bike with an open sign at the end of the street but the women/trans session is a bit less public. Thanks for the nundge to improve the signage. We’re open mon, wed and thurs 4-8 if you’d like to try again 🙂

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