Saturdays in July

Our Saturday openings in July are:

12th: Closed

19th: Open 12 – 4

26th: Open 12 – 4

We’re open weekdays as usual. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 4 – 8.

You can always check our calendar to the right of the page if you’re not sure!

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Shaun Keaveny comes to our workshop

Our newest mechanic Hannah was interviewed by Shaun Keaveny on his 6 Music show before the Tour de Yorkshire.  We all had a great time watching the tour wizz by and hope that it makes Leeds a more cycle friendly place (even if it could do more to support women cyclists).  Anyway, here is the interview followed by Mungo’s HiFi Bike Rider (note: oiling your chain doesn’t stop your bike exploding 😕)

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1:1 Maintenance Sessions and Courses

mercian-in-piecesWe are pleased to announce that we are partnering with wy go:cyling to offer both free 1:1 maintenance training sessions, and free maintenance courses delivered over 4 week periods.

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Saturday shifts…


UPDATE 06/06/14: So we won’t be opening every Saturday from now on. We will start sending an email near the beginning of each month with which one’s we are definitely going to be open on. You can also check our calendar on the right hand side; if there are initials next to a date we are open, if there are none we are not! We will keep this up to date and also put out messages about any extra Saturdays on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!

We added Saturdays to our regular opening hours nearly a year and a half ago now, because we wanted to be more accessible for people who struggled to come down on weekday evenings (because of childcare responsibilities, working night shifts etc). We enjoy Pedallers’ being open at the weekend and hope you do too, but we’re sorry to say that it has become a bit of a struggle staffing Saturday shifts and in the future it’s likely you’ll have to check the calendar before coming down on Saturdays. As you will be aware, we are all volunteers with lots of other commitments too and sometimes just need some rest!

But worry not, as we are not yet certain that we will have to reduce the Saturdays we’re open and if we do it will be exactly that, a reduction. We would still aim to be open a few Saturdays a month! This is just a heads up for now, more information to follow once we make a decision.

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Bank Holiday Monday

We are going to be open this bank holiday Mon but a bit later than usual – 5pm start (instead of 4pm).

On a separate note: in the workshop on Sat we had a very stuck bottom bracket. There are a few things we like to try if they are stuck to help remove them:

  1. make sure you are loosing not tightening
  2. esp. on Italian frames (which are right-hand thread both sides)
  3. spray lube on everything
  4. make sure that the bottom bracket removal tool is firmly in place (ideally use a crank bolt to hold it in)
  5. use a breaker bar (a long extension to increase leverage)
  6. blow torch (bit of a last resort…)

We got to step 3. with a breaker bar and applied lots of force to one of our chunky spanners.  Creak, crack, snap:

Snapped Spanner

Solution: put the bottom bracket removal tool in a vice and rotate the bike.

Bottom bracket tool in the vice

The bottom bracket (in my hand) and the bottom bracket removal tool in the vice.

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New mechanic


We’ve got a new mechanic Hannah (who was initiated via a cake eating ceremony last Thursday).  Committing to help run the space, mop the floors, order parts, build stuff, deal with an legal issues etc. is never as fun as helping people with bike mechanics but we find it rewarding to see it all running smoothly and are very grateful for all the people who put in time to make it work.  So thanks for joining us Hannah!

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Bicycle mapping

Yesterday was a busy session, but not busy enough to stop us from looking at some very useful cycling maps. The best of  bike maps in the UK at present is, which is linked to the fantastic cycle campaigner resource CycleScape.

The former is very useful for route planning (e.g. check out the route I took from Sheffield to Manchester, planned partly on CycleStreets, partly with Google), the latter is good for reporting issues to help local cycle campaigns prioritise their time.

In this post I want to draw attention to two other maps, however: the online “have your say” map of the City Connect project, where cyclists get to say what they most want from millions of pounds to be spent on cycling infrastructure in and around Leeds, and a map of cycle accidents.

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