T-shirts ready



Our rack of t-shirts

So after some time we have T-shirts ready for sale! They are in many different colours and sizes with the logo in black or pink.  We have long sleeve or short sleeve.  The T-shirts are made by Gildan and as far as t-shirt manufacturers go we rated them as eco, ethical, good quality and affordable.  They are on a rack at the workshop so if you fancy supporting Pedallers’ grab one.

Cost: £10 – £12

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2 Responses to T-shirts ready

  1. I got a pale blue one, and I highly recommend them. It would be nice to see tote bags with the logo too!

  2. Can you please post a better image so that we can all see the front of the shirt? I can see the colors that are available just fine, but I can’t really see the logo the way that they are photographed.

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