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5263721589_2f9d9ca6c7_zWe’d really like to let more people hear about Pedallers’ Arms.  We are pretty stretched for time but one way of doing it is to ask you to tell your friends about us, tell strangers about us, and interact with us on the internet.  Posting reviews about us on any website, sharing links on social media and generally pushing Pedallers’ will help raise our internet profile so more people find out about us.

If you have any other ideas then let us know.

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1 Response to Reviews etc

  1. – You can help your ranking in Google if any such review or mention links to this site.
    – If you have a Google Places listing, it will help if reviews and entries to directory sites such as Qype & Yelp include the full address, *exactly* as it is your Google Places listing.
    – If you manage to acquire charity status (I am not sure how possible this is, but as a non-profit it may be possible), it is possible to get up to $125,000 of free Google Adwords advertising/year.

    There are lots of other things that could be done to raise the profile but these will all help with minimal effort.


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