Pedallers finds a new home


Pedallers’ Arms has a new home! We will be located on the ground floor of one end of 37-38 Mabgate Green, Sheepscar, LS9 7DS. Where the big red doors are.

We haven’t got the keys yet but as soon as we have sorted out the space we’ll send a final put up a post announcing the new opening times and having an opening. If you’d like to help us move next Monday 26th then contact us.

For anyone who paid for membership we will add an extra 6 months on.

Why has it taken so long, we hear you ask? Well we have honestly been trying really hard! We don’t really have much money and we have a list of requirements so it hasn’t been easy and it has taken quite a long time, particularly after one false start. All of us Pedallers’ would like to say thanks for your support, this is a big reason why we felt that the end of the Common Place shouldn’t be the end of Pedallers.

Sorry it has taken so long; we hope you’re as excited as we are and hope to see you all soon!

The Pedallers’ Arms

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