Our address is:

Pedallers’ Arms
37 Mabgate Green

Please note: Mabgate Green is a different street to Mabgate (i.e. it’s not a green on Mabgate itself!). You can call the workshop on 01132457274 if you get lost.



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  7. Angela McIntosh says:

    To whom this may concern,
    My son Jamelle McIntosh has moved to Leeds from London over a year ago. He is 28 years old and currently unemployed. I have seen your programme whilst surfing through the net. I just wandered if I could entice my son into being proactive and do some training whilst he is keen on cycling and maintaining his bike. Therefore, I am kindly asking you to send some information about your course and fees to him at the address below:
    21 Sholebroke Mount
    Leeds LS7 3HG

    My mobile is 07956355629

    Kindest Regards

    Angela McIntosh

    • Hi Angela,

      Sorry for the delay! Your son is very welcome to come down to one of our sessions (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 4-8pm). He could also give us a ring during those times on 0113 245 7274).

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